This Week

Strange Clouds 5
Monday I realized that we had not sent any of our black OL baseball caps to my dad in Austria. He designed the OL logo many years ago – fifties? sixties? – and we quickly corrected that. Soon he will be able to walk to the local pub in style. Tuesday we finalized the artwork for One Guitar and in the evening I did 2 hours of phone interviews with Australian media. Wednesday morning everything (music-master, CD-R with layout and design, printouts, mock-up, completed and signed forms etc…) was overnighted to the manufacturer. There is hope that we might have the new CDs in time for our little August run, but it’s a very slight hope. Then I had lunch with Jon on the patio of Aqua Santa to celebrate his birthday. The strange clouds (see above photo) passed by my house yesterday.

New Scooter

Check out this cool new Yamaha scooter. How is this for low maintenance:

New, liquid-cooled three-valve four-stroke engine is powerful, quiet and low-maintenance: valve-adjustment interval is 28,000 miles.

And because I don’t like the often stinky and noisy 2 stroke scooters I especially like this:

Catalytic converter and air-injection system meet the most stringent emissions regulations – even future ones.

Click on the photo to go to the Yamaha web page.

Rocky Mountain News

Rocky Mountain News: Spotlight Columnists
It’s not your usual concert. Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra will perform a benefit show for the Collier Hospice Center – and the concert fittingly will be held at the Pavilion of Reflection at Olinger Crown Hill Cemetery in Wheat Ridge. Tickets for the Aug. 4 show are on sale now, priced from $65 to $125. All proceeds go to the hospice. Information: 303-425-2929.

Greening the Desert

Hugg / greening the desert with permaculture

They laughed at him and said it couldn’t be done. Nothing could be grown in that salt laden dustbowl. But Geoff Lawton had other ideas. He travels the world teaching others how to repair trashed environments that are beyond hope of becoming productive. In this story, Geoff talks about re-greening the deserts of Jordan. By applying the principles of permaculture, the Jordanians managed to salvage a heavily salted environment and turn it into a green oasis.