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02024-04-30 | HuHeartDrive, Rain Music | 0 comments

We tested the new page for selling the Limited Edition Rain Poems CD. Everything seems to be working. CDs are ready. Pens are at hand. The color is black only because it is a special ink (which I had to order from Germany) that dries extremely fast, as not to seep into the plastic of the CD and potentially mess with the zeros and ones archived there.

Since I like the number nine I want to open the gates on Saturday 5/4 @ 0900 Pacific Time, which will be noon on the East Coast. Everything on the webpage is self explanatory. The comment field is for adding a name or dedication. The CD is small so you should limit yourself to “for Elise” or something similarly brief. Happy to write a little more than that on the white space underneath the CD. A word about the foam button the CD is mounted on. I wouldn’t take the CD from it without supporting the foam by putting a finger against it. I mean you might get lucky a few times but it will tear eventually. 

A separate post will contain the link to the Rain Poems CD page.


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