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Remember When?

Remember Adobe Flash? Remember when Flash was called Shockwave, and designing websites was a pain in the ass because visitors wouldn’t upgrade to Netscape 2.0?

We do. We also remember when our site was goofy-looking, and thanks to, we may never be allowed to forget it.

Have fun poking around our dusty archives.

PS: Do not be alarmed if these pages are not working right. Your television set does not need adjustment. These pages were built using 20-year old browser plugins that required Mac OS 7.5 or Windows 95. Circa 1996

Our very first website actually discouraged you from using the web and recommended that you go back to listening to the music. Requires Netscape 1.1 browser or newer and a recommended screen size of 800 pixels.

1993 - 2003 Radio Userland Blog

Radio Userland was the original blogging platform, before anyone knew what blogging was.

2001 An Avocado Odyssey

Made before avocado toast was a thing.

The Very Old Guestbook

Evidence that you must be wary of what you write on the Internet, it may NEVER go away…

Our webmaster Canton Becker built each and every of these sites beginning in 1995. He has done his best to ensure that their words, images, and music haven’t disappeared over the mists of time…