A Pity

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It’s a pity we don’t whistle at one another, like birds. Words are misleading.

– Halldór Laxness


  1. anne

    have a story …

    Two cardinal birds (male and female) visit my backyard…they usually just hop around and fly off. This happens all year long.

    But wanted them to come closer…so decided, as soon as i see the cardinals, ….i will put a small amount of seed on this flat rather large rock on my deck
    (has a small indent, acts as a cup)

    ….after a while, the cardinals start to feed from it.
    And…I get an amazing up close view.

    The female was extraordinarily beautiful and far more interesting to watch. This went on for weeks but then stopped.

    But today,…the male showed himself.
    i ran out with seeds and he starts to feed.
    Next thing i see, is a small brown bird, at first i thought it was a sparrow, then i thought this must be a chick

    but no – it was another female – no coloring

    (very slight in the rear wing,…no orange beak, the dullest female cardinal i have ever seen.)

    And what a change in behavior, – he feed her.
    She chirped away by his side and when he was ready, he gave her some seeds.
    When he was feed up with her, he chased (even bullied) her away.

    (thought…yep …males and females cane never be equals)

    • anne

      (he took the whole fun out of it….first time, glad to see him fly off)

      sam harris released a new podcast – gender apatheld
      – shocking how superior males think they are. especially in faith groups
      but it exits everywhere in every field …in families…culture – no end to it.


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