Good Morning Cactus

May all be happy.
May all be healthy and safe.
May all have enough.
May all be at peace.

This time I didn’t write “beings” because I realized that I want to include mountains and rivers.

I walked by my cactus friend and saw that they were doing well and are even taller than when I saw them in the summer:
IMG 7892
I was in a store to investigate and instigate heating/cooling units for my apartment, since it has neither. While there, I saw this little growing pod. This would have looked sooooo futuristic twenty years ago!
IMG 7893
I also met a person with a beautiful family name: Vagarinho
It means Little Wanderer in Portuguese.
Same root as Vagrant, which also comes from the Latin word vagari, meaning to wander.

We are all Vagarinhos. :-)

On my way home I walked by a school and saw this on the wall:
IMG 7894
“Every person is a World”


I am in Durango for a day. Arrived yesterday afternoon. This morning it was 18° when I went in search of coffee. I found a very good cortado very close to where I am staying.

I started having a headache as the morning went on and went out to look for a drug store to get some aspirin. Durango is at 6,500’ so that checks out. After spending 36 years at altitude I finally discover what it feels like. Ugh! Aspirin thins the blood and allows the blood to reach the capillaries of the brain, which reduces the altitude headache, or so I was told years ago.

Discovered that the closest drugstore is 40 miles from here but there is a Albertsons nearby. I stopped to have a couple of tacos first.

Star Hail Full

The German word “Stern” means “star”.

The German word “Hagel” means “hail”.

The German word “voll” means “full”.

The German word “sternhagelvoll” does NOT mean “starhailfull”.

It means “completely drunk”.

From Mastodon user Jens Clasen

I also never realized how crucially important context is in German. Take these sentences for example — they sound the same but have different meanings.

Er ist wild = He is wild
Er isst Wild = He eats venison

Gelehrte konnten = scholars were able to
geleerte Konten = cleared accounts

Hasst du die Urzeit? = Do you hate primeval times?
Hast du die Uhrzeit? = Have you got the time?

schlechter Rasen = bad lawn
Schlächter rasen = butchers speed

Die Küste fiel = The shoreline fell
Die küsste viel = She kissed a lot

Er ist wieder willig = He’s willing again
Er ist widerwillig = He’s reluctant


These shorts would be perfect for carrying two cats. Or groceries. Or ten breakfast burritos. In each pocket. Also good for anglers?


“If the universe is meaningless, so is the statement that it is so,” Alan Watts quipped as he aimed his wry wisdom at the paradox of our search for meaning. “The meaning and purpose of dancing is the dance.”

So I Danced Again