These shorts would be perfect for carrying two cats. Or groceries. Or ten breakfast burritos. In each pocket. Also good for anglers?


“If the universe is meaningless, so is the statement that it is so,” Alan Watts quipped as he aimed his wry wisdom at the paradox of our search for meaning. “The meaning and purpose of dancing is the dance.”

So I Danced Again

Website Redesign

A new website is taking shape this week. Canton Becker who created the first website in 1996 is doing the redesign and for the first time we don’t meet at his place or sit in my kitchen. We are meeting via Zoom. Does anybody else feel that Zoom makes us look old(er)? After one of our calls, during which I felt I was looking at my dad on the screen, I went to a mirror to check up on myself. The mirror seemed kinder to my face.

Oh, and the website is coming along great.

Beautiful News

If the media, social or otherwise, has you down, you might check out this website. It’s called Information is Beautiful.

A collection of good news, positive trends, uplifting statistics and facts — all beautifully visualized by Information is Beautiful. To move our attention beyond dramatic news headlines to the slow developments and quiet trends that go unseen, uncelebrated.

Dave Kirschner suggested another source for positive news:
Reasons To Be Cheerful
and the first thought I had was this song!!