John Cage

“When he walks through the door a second time, Hollywood’s elite is sending a buzz through the room. On a sofa, Dietrich herself, inscrutable, wedges between German American film directors Fritz Lang and Josef von Sternberg, who is a passionate modern-art collector. Over by the windows, gorgeous filmmaker Maya Deren strikes a deliberately elegant pose in a Japanese kimono, her hair knotted in a scarf, while Greta Garbo looks her up and down. The generation forced out of Europe feels at home with Galka. She has merely to dip into the Hollywood rosters of exiles such as Theodor Adorno, Bertolt Brecht, Thomas Mann, Charlie Chaplin, and Alfred Hitchcock.

Cage tries to talk to a gruff and scowling E. E. Cummings, whose irritable bad humor shocks and disappoints his young admirer. The towering, barrel-bellied Mexican artist Diego Rivera, drink in hand, circles the room with his tiny but intense painter wife, black-haired Frida Kahlo; they soak up the paintings on the walls.”

(Excerpt From Where the Heart Beats by Kay Larson)

Can you imagine? Wow!


Check out this article about the current trend of artists having hard objects thrown at them while they are performing. I agree with Gioia’s conclusion and can only hope that we can move through this cycle.

Get on with it

I am leaving this here for those days when things don’t go well and I need to put on a war face and get on with it.


Which word that is also the name of a country in one language means a different country, when translated into another language?

The English word Turkey means both the country and the bird.
The Portuguese word for Turkey, the bird, is… Peru.

Stanley Kubrick

No, Stanley Kubrick had nothing to do with this image, but it does look like it could be from one of his movies.