Karaoke Mentality

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Ted Gioia writes:

How can a pop star tour without a band? Madonna is doing just that, and “will rely on original multi-track recordings while on stage.

But I fear this is a bigger issue than one greedy pop star. A nostalgic karaoke mentality is permeating our culture, and Madonna’s band-less tour is just one more symptom.

$3,000 seats and no band…


  1. anne

    (hire an icon)

  2. Steve

    >$3,000 seats and no band…

    I feel like I am missing something. Why see the “performance” in the first place if there is no “live music” … no “performance” … kind of strange.

    Of course I stopped seeing “pop music” concerts over 45 years ago, so what do I know?

  3. Jim

    New artists get little support. Almost dead artists *attempt* to cover their own songs with a cover band and they sell out. There is a generation that can afford the crazy prices to these concerts. I don’t know why, but I figure they are just reliving a memory and have given up listening to new talent.


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