Rain Music

This was intended to be a proof of concept only. After I finished setting up my laptop for recording, I set up the microphone I use on stage, connected it via the MixPre6-II, and recorded my guitar playing the bossa nova pattern you hear on that song. Since I live on a fairly noisy street I figured the noise would be too audible for a real recording. But the microphone did what it does so well on stage… concentrate on the guitar in front of it and reject all other sound. Even when I listen to the guitar without the rain, I don’t hear nose. Then I improvised a melody over the bossa rhythm. The music has a quality I love. It’s a sketch and love sketches. I never make demos, because in my experience the first go at an idea has something special that simply cannot be duplicated when one tries to replace the demo with a better recording.

Slow Rain

#rainmusic notes

Slowing down sounds was going to happen sooner or later. I slowed down a couple of rain recordings and mixed them together and now I listen to this and enjoy it just as it is. Eventually a guitar idea will (probably, hopefully) crawl out of this primordial soup of slowed down rain sounds.

The other thing I noted is that there are definite pitches in most rain recordings. Can’t fight those pitches and will have to find harmonies that go with them.

First thought that this album could be a dumb idea but as usual will forge ahead. What’s the worst that can happen. :-)

Hands Over Ears

#rainmusic notes

In a song one sometimes stops the rhythm for beat, in order to emphasize a note or chord that becomes clear because of that pause in the rhythm. How would that sound with a rain rhyhtm? What if I, instead of muting the rain rhythm, make it sound as if one had raised one’s hands to cover the ears for a moment. What does it sound like when I cover my ears? Drop of volume, sure, but perhaps that needs to be combined with a EQ change? Not a drop to silence but a drop down to softness.