Rain Poems

Going forward, my new music will no longer be released to streaming services. CDs won’t be mass-manufactured. I will create exclusively for Backstage, my new website and membership program. My work will only be available to members. BACKSTAGE

This is the first album I haven’t recorded in Santa Fe since 1995. I recorded my guitar with my new mobile studio in the US and Portugal.

On 4. May 2024 a CD was released in a signed and numbered Limited Edition of 100 pieces.

HuHeartDrive 006 • 02023-10-08

Track Listing

01 tick tock (blush) 03:59
02 African Rain 03:50
03 raven blue 02:57
04 bam boo 02:01
05 Amaryū (for Ryuichi Sakamoto) 04:20
06 dreamy afternoon (Lo Fi Flam) 02:30
07 Water Dance 01:48
08 drop the beat (el sponge oud) 02:21
09 one drop moon 04:32
10 elephan.t.ear 02:27
11 La Mesita 02:51
12 woven water (Chuva Nova) 03:10
13 Arabesk (clouds are rain sleeping) 05:23
14 rivers love oceans (sad but short) 01:57
15 Bossa de Petricor 03:20
16 Serendip (obrigado Ana) 03:02
17 Basho's Pond 02:28
18 Rain Melody 05:03
Writing+ Publishing

All music written by Ottmar Liebert
Published by Luna Negra Music
Administered by Holland Walk Muse, BMI


Producer: OL + Jon Gagan 4 HHD
Engineer: OL + Jon Gagan
Studio: HHD Mobile in US and Portugal + The Electric Company in Santa Fe
Mastering: HHD Mobile
Mixed by: OL
Mix Medium: Digital
Record Medium: Digital

OL – Flamenco Guitar
Jon Gagan – Upright Acoustic Bass + Electric Bass Guitar

Rain sounds recorded in Aotearoa, New Zealand by Tim Prebble, HISSandaROAR and used with permission

Agent – Todd Bartleson @ MPI Talent Agency – todd@mpitalentagency.com

OL plays Flamenco Guitars made by Lester DeVoe. He uses D’Addario strings on all of his instruments. Jon Gagan uses D’Addario strings.

Thank you to Lisi-Tana who infuses much of my work with her ideas.
Special thanks to Eric Schermerhorn who, during one or two long phone conversations in 2021, planted the Lisbon seed in my head.