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Strange Clouds 5
Monday I realized that we had not sent any of our black OL baseball caps to my dad in Austria. He designed the OL logo many years ago – fifties? sixties? – and we quickly corrected that. Soon he will be able to walk to the local pub in style. Tuesday we finalized the artwork for One Guitar and in the evening I did 2 hours of phone interviews with Australian media. Wednesday morning everything (music-master, CD-R with layout and design, printouts, mock-up, completed and signed forms etc…) was overnighted to the manufacturer. There is hope that we might have the new CDs in time for our little August run, but it’s a very slight hope. Then I had lunch with Jon on the patio of Aqua Santa to celebrate his birthday. The strange clouds (see above photo) passed by my house yesterday.

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  1. Carol

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY , JON…..a little late. You and Ottmar have an incredible relationship to do so much for each other, and when it’s so many years…you must be very understanding friends.


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