Merry Christmas

My little bottle brush tree with ornaments that range from folded paper ornaments, to plastic balls, to glass ornaments from my family that are handmade and a century old. These diverse ornaments can all hang together and so should we.

Morning Light, again

Bread didn’t turn out well. Baking at 7,500 feet of altitude is a temperamental craft. I could tell something was off as I was turning the dough yesterday, but I don’t have enough experience to know what I could do to save it. Three steps forward and two steps back is how progress is made, my grandfather used to tell me. It’s true for so many things, and it’s certainly for playing a musical instrument, too. One makes progress in one area and that throws up a new problem.

The Plumen Project

The Plumen Project
Despite there being an abundance of producers, we see only three basic bulb formats available: The Radiator, The Ice Cream Whip and the Tungsten-esc types. Each style is uniform in shape, with no variation, tension or interest. It seems strange that the bulb, an object so synonymous with ideas, is almost entirely absent of imagination.


I bought LED light bulbs, bought CFL bulbs and have come to the conclusion that I have to change how I approach lighting. Neither LED or CFL seem to dim well, even the ones that are supposed to be able to. Solution: instead of making one set of bulbs function as work lights and, when dimmed down, as mood or accent lights, one needs to think of using several sets of bulbs – and no dimmer. This could be more beautiful, actually. Here is the perfect location for work light and over there is where a few dim LEDs provide moody illumination. I am going to experiment with this over the Summer. Stevo offered to lend me his expertise as Lighting Designer and we will try to come up with something that is as efficient as it is beautiful and complimentary to the space.