Morning Light, again

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Bread didn’t turn out well. Baking at 7,500 feet of altitude is a temperamental craft. I could tell something was off as I was turning the dough yesterday, but I don’t have enough experience to know what I could do to save it. Three steps forward and two steps back is how progress is made, my grandfather used to tell me. It’s true for so many things, and it’s certainly for playing a musical instrument, too. One makes progress in one area and that throws up a new problem.


  1. Luna

    Thank you for the reminder.:))

  2. Will

    Endurance = lots of effort + learning + letting go

    Instant Gratification = little effort + worry + mindlessness

  3. JaneParhamKatz

    Thank you for sharing this. I have recently begun, after decades of avoiding it, seriously practicing piano. I find that one day I feel I have mastered a section of the piece I’m learning, and the next day it’s as if I never heard of the thing. So I plod over that section (endurance) again and again. Next day BINGO! it “magically” falls into place. I know I will have to go through this back and forth many times before the piece is truly mine. But oh the Joy when the music flows “effortlessly” through my fingers!


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