Good Morning Cactus

May all be happy.
May all be healthy and safe.
May all have enough.
May all be at peace.

This time I didn’t write “beings” because I realized that I want to include mountains and rivers.

I walked by my cactus friend and saw that they were doing well and are even taller than when I saw them in the summer:
IMG 7892
I was in a store to investigate and instigate heating/cooling units for my apartment, since it has neither. While there, I saw this little growing pod. This would have looked sooooo futuristic twenty years ago!
IMG 7893
I also met a person with a beautiful family name: Vagarinho
It means Little Wanderer in Portuguese.
Same root as Vagrant, which also comes from the Latin word vagari, meaning to wander.

We are all Vagarinhos. :-)

On my way home I walked by a school and saw this on the wall:
IMG 7894
“Every person is a World”

Good Morning Lisboa

I arrived in Lisbon yesterday morning after a long, long day of traveling that started in Durango at 0600. Well, all of me arrived, except my guitar. (((I like William Gibson’s idea of the “Soul Delay” of long distance travel, whereby the soul can’t keep up and will invariably arrive later.))) Guitar had to travel as baggage, because the overheads for international flights are too small and I can’t afford a business-class ticket (((Business Class: no worries, your guitar can go into this closet. Economy: your guitar travels with the other suitcases or you won’t fly.))). I am not too worried because it’s a new case that was recommended by my luthier Keith Vizcarra, who also set the case up perfectly for the instrument. Plus this guitar will stay here and won’t have to travel for a long while. (((Tip: Don’t just buy a case and jam the guitar into it. Either take the time to set up the case yourself or ask a luthier to do it. It can make a huge difference. You don’t want the guitar to move even a fraction of an inch!!))) So I spent a long time at lost baggage in Lisbon which, after 22 hours of travel, isn’t fun. As the man, who created the claim, said: “Most likely you will get a call from us tomorrow and we will deliver the guitar case to your apartment. Most likely.”

Called an Uber to the airport. The driver called my mobile and asked me where I was, because it can be difficult to find the Uber pick up spot at this airport. I replied where Uber pick ups always happen, indicating that this wasn’t my first rodeo. A few minutes later he arrived and another twenty minutes later I was in my flat, or most of me was. Too wired to sleep and too tired to do much. Eventually I walked to a favorite cafe and had lunch. That helped. Went to the store and got a few basics, something to make for dinner, milk for morning coffee. Bought another type of oatmilk, hoping to eventually find something that can replace milk for me. The two milk products I haven’t been able to replace are yoghurt and milk for coffee. I love yoghurt.

I wanted to go to sleep at 1900 yesterday but made myself stay up until around 2200. This morning I feel much improved. While I am still waiting for my guitar, my “soul” must have caught up overnight. I got up and made coffee and enjoyed the light show of the morning sun in my apartment.

Good news: I just received a phone call from the airport. My guitar was found and will be delivered later today…

Mirror Surface

  • Growth
  • What distinguishes good growth from bad growth?

    Good growth stops and turns into a maturing process. This is what all natural things do. We grow until we become adults, as do all animals. Trees grow until they reach a certain height. Then they concentrate on improving their root system and thereby their communication with other forest beings. Cells grow until they reach a limit. When they keep growing we call them cancerous.

    By that metric isn’t our economic system and the very idea of permanent economic growth cancerous?

    Good Morning Rainbow

    I walked and saw that rainbow. Here are a few things that careened through my head this during my morning walk.

  • Hierarchy is not a good concept. The idea of being higher. Your Highness versus the Low-born. Even in sayings we assign up-down directions down in the doldrums or high on life. The idea of rising above when dirt is what made us and the planet. Get down, get dirty, don’t try to get up and out.
  • We should stop voting for a particular political party out of habit and instead look out for those politicians who take a longer view, take care of the environment, the planet, life on earth. Just imagine, if a lot of people voted for nature, eventually both parties would compete for these votes. :-)
  • Jon once told me about the shift from dog owner to dog guardian or custodian. I think that is beautiful POV change. That kind of shift has to happen in the way we think of the environment, this planet. We must think of ourselves as custodians instead of conquerors.