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in five hours. A temperature difference of more than 40°, too. And then I had to travel some more, a journey of altogether about 13 hours. I landed yesterday evening. My email inbox is at 201, which is actually less than I expected. 74 apps on my phone want to be updated. Why do I have so many apps? Must cull. There are lots of images and video to edit and consider. I also wrote every day. Smile. More soon.

The Speed of History

Hers was a walking discipline, like the practices of the peripatetic dervishes. It proceeded at the speed of footsteps, which is the speed of history, and at that speed, on those long walks which are the science’s method, connections and correspondences appear. Strange symmetries appear between separated buildings as if some urban continental drift has taken place. Streets follow ancient, atavistic needs.

from The Dervish House by Ian McDonald

Of course I am going to love that… 😄

Connections and correspondences indeed appear at the speed of footsteps. Anything faster than footsteps and we might miss this door mat, so thin that it looks like a red filter hovering above the stones. Everything lines up and it is clear that the mat has not been moved in a very long time.

I think I should put together a slideshow that contains only the most basic and mundane subject matter. No grand vista, nothing amazing… just simple things that caught my eye.

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