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A green salad with dukkah. Dukkah is on my list of perfect food compliments. I use the word compliments because they aren’t condiments. My short list contains pesto (Italian), hummus (Arabian), gomashio (Japanese), guacamole (Mexican), and dukkah. My dukkah recipe is Egyptian. Last week I made an Indian-Californian pesto, w peanuts instead of pine nuts and cilantro and toasted coriander seeds. So funny when European or Asian friends find out that Americans use two different names for the same herb, depending on whether it is fresh or dried!!


  1. anne

    Good photo (could be in a cook book)

    ((Dukkha – as you know ,is a Buddhist word…..(did not know the word Dukkah)….so at first, i read.. …”A green salad with suffering” – funny))

  2. James

    Been experimenting lately with new combinations of ingredients for pestos and tapenades. The surprise star pesto turned out to be made from culinary sage, with some culantro coyote ( tastes like cilantro but better), garlic, pecans, preserved lemon, oil and a touch of apple cider vinegar. Think about the plush softness of a sage leaf…the pesto was silky and creamy delicious. Intense flavour, so good with winter squash!

    • anne

      sounds good- i am going to try it. Love sage.

      Add almost any herb to a salad and it tastes better (last night we added dill).

      Herb gardens are great, I am starting to dry some as winter is coming ..(and planning for the spring).

    • kimberlie

      James, it would be so fun to make up a Mad Libbs story using your delicious and visceral descriptions & vocabulary;)…can already smell and feel and taste and visualize it now…
      Star pesto
      Culinary sage
      Culantro coyote
      Preserved lemon
      Plush softness of a sage leaf
      Pesto was silky and creamy delicious
      Winter squash!

      *these will definitely, and playfully, go down in my memory for use (with permission please) in the next big game of Balderdash!
      **funny, these could also describe music.


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