I love Mornings

I had a couple of appointments in Santa Fe and stopped there for one night, on my way to California. Beautiful, clear and cold morning.

Long Photo

I made several short videos that I thought of as Long Photos. The camera is on a tripod and the POV and perspective don’t change. Nothing much happens in a long photo… grass sways in the wind, water moves. That’s all. I love it and put long photos, like this one, in the slide shows I used to project when I performed solo guitar. In a sequence with still photos a long photo like this can be quite shocking and occasionally I heard people gasp when they realized the image was actually moving.


Photo by Frances Seward (more about her on her website). Saw a photo by the artist on Twitter. Ah, the obsession of the desert dweller with water. It’s universal. Click on the image to go to Seward’s gallery page. And the last name is only one letter away from Seaward…

First One

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I love this image of the first sunflower to raise its head. I wish I could see all of them in bloom, because that has to be pretty spectacular.