Little Thoughts

  • “Bewilderment”, by Richard Powers, reminds me of “Stranger in a Strange Land”, by Robert Heinlein. Very different, decades apart, yet both cover some similar ground. Trying to wake the sleepwalking?
  • The original meaning of bewilderment was not confused. Rather, it literally meant a return to wilderness. The bewildered human, living in nature, with nature.
  • Humans as a species need to evolve. It seems so simple: we either change or go extinct. Sooner or later. It’s a natural cycle, of course, but it sure would be nice if we made an attempt. As it is we are running off a cliff, unwilling to change. Can the rapacious caterpillar turn into a butterfly?
  • I am over the largely sensationalist response of the media to a new variant of covid. I limit my news intake but of course I receive clips and links forwarded by friends. Of course the virus will mutate. That’s what a virus does. Some variants will be more dangerous than others. I think I am sick of the distraction. Yes, the virus is dangerous… but is it more dangerous than our industrial poisoning of rivers, destruction of forests? Is covid more dangerous than climate change? Why does the press have so much to say about the pandemic and so relatively little about climate change?
  • Several friends bought this little machine and recently I acquired one as well. It’s a little wonder. Four inputs, and microphone preamps, and the ability to record files up to 32bit and 196kHz. The Nagra of the 21st century. I also learned that the machine can record up to 12 audio tracks – albeit at 24bit instead of 32bit. Recording without a computer. Imagine, this machine will be able to record guitar parts for a new album anywhere… all I will need is this little MP6, a microphone, a cable for connecting the mic, and a pair of headphones. Electric power is optional. In my studio I was never able see the screen while recording so I am used to working without the visual. Record lots of ideas and edit later.
  • Wednesday Morning

    It was great to perform at the Lensic again last night. We enjoyed it very much. There was an interesting blackout during “Heart Still/Beating” due to the lighting console freezing and having to be restarted. We cruised right through that though.

    The above sunrise greeted me this morning.

    Sunday Morning

    I woke up early and went for a walk. Many trees in town are showing gorgeous autumn colors. Took a few phone snaps. What’s the best camera? The one you are carrying. It was the coldest I have felt in months, but the clear mountain air was a pleasure.

    Tuesday Morning

    Just as I was about to take the photo the tree decided to drop some snow. I caught the moment. Thanks! I shoveled snow for half an hour and this stuff is super light, lighter than anything I have experienced before. I thought of marshmallows, but they are too dense compared to this snow.

    I shoveled a path to my studio and listened to slow. The music and shoveling the fairytale snow combined to create a beautiful mood. When I was done I almost looked for more snow to shovel.

    In the kitchen I drank a glass of hot Pouchong tea and I listened to this piece, which combines music and the sounds of me walking through the snow.