Traces of an Imaginary Affair

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Designer Björn Franke will exhibit a kit for creating evidence of an imaginary affair during the furniture fair in Milan next month.

The kit contains nine tools for making marks on the body that look like bite marks, carpet burns, or scratches, as well as perfume, lipstick and hair for application to the body or clothes.

Use this kit and make your next Valentine’s Day a day you’ll remember…

B for Barcelona

Very interesting and funny. My favorite moment: he shows a Bryan Ferry spread he designed using the dingbat font “because the interview was really really boring”

Perfect Pitch vs Perfect Kerning

Off Topic: Ugh «
The type on Annie Leibovitz’s new book is total bullsh*t.

Normally I wouldn’t bother with this, but it’s not like a piece of cheap direct mail. It’s a hardcover monograph for a stellar artist and cultural force. If junk design is done for junk, who cares? But Random House and Annie Leibovitz should be in another class. If these folks can’t get their typography to even a basic standard of professionalism, then who will?
(Via DesignNotes by Michael Surtees)

I wonder what’s more difficult (((painful?))), to have perfect pitch in a mostly tone-deaf world, or to have eyes so precisly tuned to the fine art of type-design?