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Jon Gagan 2024-388.

Jon Gagan 2024-390.

Jon Gagan 2024-393.

Jon asked me to take some photos of him and we took these at the Sofia in Sacramento. Thanks to Stephen who made him laugh, I think. I couldn’t see what was going on because I didn’t want to miss Jon’s reaction. 

Stephen suggested that I make one long mix of Jon’s bass solos during our performances of Butterfly Dream. Every one of those solos is really great and I think the tempo is always very similar. So, challenge accepted. Will dig through the live recordings and have a go at this. 


  1. Steve

    Truly one of the greats.

    • Eric

      Steve, it was fun to catch the band play recently at Yoshi’s in Oakland. There was a point where Ottmar’s fingers seemed to have accidentally slipped a little on a chord transition and just when the harmony was about to turn Jon’s bass brought up a note and not only saved the overall pitch but he took it into an interesting space that somehow fit perfectly. I really enjoyed seeing the three of them (with Robbie) perform together. Great job guys!

  2. Brad L.

    That was a phenomenal night at Sofia; I was there and brought my children to what was their first live concert ever. They completely enjoyed it, especially given that my son is a cellist and daughter is a violist, and neither had ever heard anything like the show before. I probably have those same pictures, as all of you were in your element and loving every moment of it. But it’s great to see how you, Stephen, and everyone in the crowd was so appreciative of Jon and the work he has done. It was a really amazing night.


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