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Wednesday evening I went to a movie theater that was showing Perfect Days, by Wim Wenders. It was the first time I went to a cinema in years but I like Wim Wenders’ work and wanted to see this movie in a theater. The seats were large and comfortable and I counted only seven other people in the audience. 

This is my kind of movie. I love everything about it, the pace, the camera work, the use of music. 

There is a good interview on the Academy’s Guide to Movies, because Japan picked Perfect Days as their official entry for the 96th Oscars. 

Wim Wenders Talks ‘Perfect Days,’ ‘Anselm,’ and Why He Continues to Embrace 3D (Exclusive) | A.frame:

The other film is Perfect Days, a character study centered on a middle-aged Tokyo toilet cleaner (played by Kôji Yakusho, who won Best Actor at Cannes). Unalike as they may be, the two projects exemplify the filmmaker’s visionary approach to experimenting with format and function: Perfect Days was conceived of and shot like a documentary, while Anselm utilizes cutting-edge technology and pushes the boundaries on stylistic choices.

I don’t want to write more because I don’t want to spoil the movie for you. It’s a lovely film and I hope you will see it. I will rewatch it soon. :-)

On the subject of Japanese movies I saw Beat Takeshi’s 1999 film Kikujiro on Mubi yesterday. I did not know that he is a comedian, too, as I only knew him from his tough guy roles. Which is why this movie surprised me so much. I laughed a lot.


  1. anne

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    some movies get the music right – perfect piece of music for scene – very powerful indeed.

    • anne

      when one starts to research – directors, films .. becomes even more interesting
      (over a decade ago – wrote a paper on media psychology)

      money making entertainment industry

      why do we consume so much entertainment – what value do films offer, what changes do they bring about

      point out the obvious – dehumanization?

      100 years from now …a 1000 years – 10000 years , what will be different.


  2. Y.

    I enjoyed seeing Perfect Days. Such a well done film.

    If I remember correctly, Beat Takeshi is the comedy stage name and Takeshi Kitano is the film name.


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