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I saw these flash drive cards last week and figured I had to do something with them. What you see is the front and the back of a card that contains a 4GB flash drive that can pivot out. The whole thing is the size of a credit card. I haven’t had a business card in decades, but this seemed too cool to pass up, because a link is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?

I will load 25 of these cards with the album Fete in multiple file formats:
1) HD FLAC 24/88.2
2) ALAC – Apple Lossless Files at 16/44.1 (CD quality)
3) 256kbps mp3 files for people who prefer mp3s…

We will sell these at our upcoming shows for $25 each. Unfortunately the earliest I will have the cards is at the Harris Center, in Folsom, on 9/11. I don’t expect that there will be a great demand for these because most people are happy to listen to mp3 files, but I couldn’t resist making them. If I discover that there is a demand for these I can order more.

The card might be a useful format for multimedia work, to distribute slideshows using my photographs and music for example.
Screen Shot 2019 08 28 at 10 58 08


  1. Matt

    These look awesome! I’d definitely be interested in the higher-quality files that would fit on these. We’re scheduled to see you at the MIM on Monday, but it sounds like they won’t be available at that time. Any way to “pre-order” at the show anyway? :)

  2. Boris

    That does look fancy! Nice idea! Would definitely acquire one if I could.

  3. colin adams

    just imagine having your whole music collection on these cards! what a space saving and ease of use. having better than cd quality on top is a fantastic way of music storage. I would love to have this edition of your album but as I am in England I will have to hope and wait for a more general release. perhaps all future albums could be offered this way and other artists and record labels follow.


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