We should have CDs for sale at concerts starting in Phoenix next week.

Good Stuff

Phoenix – Oliver Cabell

A shoe that’s light and cooling with cloud-like cushioning to fit your every move. Machine washable and 3D printed from 7 recycled water bottles.

Redux – Cubitts

London-based Cubitts is exploring more sustainable forms of manufacturing with Redux, a collection of 10 one-off frames each made from a different waste material.The range includes recycled plastics and bioplastics, with designs made using human hair, potatoes, mushrooms and old CDs.

Interesting article at Dezeen

Architects must act quickly and cooperatively to change cities and make their environmental good intentions reality, says Doug Voigt, urban design and planning partner at SOM.


The Amazon is burning to create space for cattle ranches so that worldwide demand for meat, especially from large fast food chains, can be met. Can we blame the Brazilian government when it’s in reality our beef consumption that is the cause? That tells me that I have to stop eating beef. It’s the logical reaction. Unfortunately my beef consumption isn’t very large at all – perhaps once or twice per month – which means my boycott won’t make a difference, but one has to do something, right?

Fete on a Card

I saw these flash drive cards last week and figured I had to do something with them. What you see is the front and the back of a card that contains a 4GB flash drive that can pivot out. The whole thing is the size of a credit card. I haven’t had a business card in decades, but this seemed too cool to pass up, because a link is worth a thousand words, isn’t it?

I will load 25 of these cards with the album Fete in multiple file formats:
1) HD FLAC 24/88.2
2) ALAC – Apple Lossless Files at 16/44.1 (CD quality)
3) 256kbps mp3 files for people who prefer mp3s…

We will sell these at our upcoming shows for $25 each. Unfortunately the earliest I will have the cards is at the Harris Center, in Folsom, on 9/11. I don’t expect that there will be a great demand for these because most people are happy to listen to mp3 files, but I couldn’t resist making them. If I discover that there is a demand for these I can order more.

The card might be a useful format for multimedia work, to distribute slideshows using my photographs and music for example.
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