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The Amazon is burning to create space for cattle ranches so that worldwide demand for meat, especially from large fast food chains, can be met. Can we blame the Brazilian government when it’s in reality our beef consumption that is the cause? That tells me that I have to stop eating beef. It’s the logical reaction. Unfortunately my beef consumption isn’t very large at all – perhaps once or twice per month – which means my boycott won’t make a difference, but one has to do something, right?

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  1. jane parham katz

    My thoughts exactly. The planet’s health AND ours will benefit from cutting beef out of our diets. I weep for the millions of creatures suffering in the Amazon fires and the deadly decrease of our oxygen supply. I realize I love the Earth and hereby cease taking it for granted! Today I saw the abundance of blazing sunflowers on New Mexico highway 599, and on St. Francis Drive in Santa Fe. Tears rolled down my cheeks! I started noticing how many fantastic flowers are in bloom! Thank you, Mother Earth!

    Neil De Grasse Tyson (the popular astrophysicist) observed that if we are considering making Mars habitable by making it more like Earth, why not make the Earth more like Earth was before we began the damage. Yeah!


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