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Phoenix – Oliver Cabell

A shoe that’s light and cooling with cloud-like cushioning to fit your every move. Machine washable and 3D printed from 7 recycled water bottles.

Redux – Cubitts

London-based Cubitts is exploring more sustainable forms of manufacturing with Redux, a collection of 10 one-off frames each made from a different waste material.The range includes recycled plastics and bioplastics, with designs made using human hair, potatoes, mushrooms and old CDs.

Interesting article at Dezeen

Architects must act quickly and cooperatively to change cities and make their environmental good intentions reality, says Doug Voigt, urban design and planning partner at SOM.


  1. janeparhamkatz

    Thank you. I’m going to consider the Phoenix shoes. I entered their drawing to win $100! : ) Funny, you’re probably in Phoenix right now! I appreciate your environmental consciousness.

    I need to find storage solutions to replace plastic Baggies – food, and all kinds of things. I have literally organized my life in Baggies, especially for travel. I tried one reusable folding cloth for storing food, as long as no liquid is involved. Very cumbersome.

    • ottmar

      I have found replacements for many plastic bag uses. Will make a post.

  2. janeparhamkatz

    Yeah, Ottmar!


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