Monday Carrousels

Live at the REH in Florida. The Trio + String Quartet plays Carrousel. The original recording can be found on the album La Semana.

You can download the high quality 320kbps mp3 file here.

And for those of you who have a high quality Digital-to-Audio-Converter, and can therefore listen to HD files (HD files are 24 bit and 48, 88.2 or 96kHz), I have more. You can download Carrousel, from the album Up Close, in form of a 24bit/96kHz FLAC file here (122MB file).

As I have mentioned before, unless you are using an external DAC, your computer will play back the FLAC, but will dither and downsample to 16/44.1kHz. There are several free apps that play back FLAC (free lossless audio codec), e.g. Songbird, which is open source and available for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems, and VLC. You can also use one of these free apps to convert the FLAC file to an .AIFF or .WAV file, which you can import into iTunes. Again, without an external DAC, iTunes will play back an HD AIFF file, but will automatically dither and downsample to 16/44.1.

And, since Up Close is a binaural recording, you have to use headphones to listen to it.

Too complicated for you? Just click on the triangle above and enjoy the music. :-)


First of all thanks to everyone who helped clean up the wikipedia entry!!

moonless night, the song of crickets and Luna Negra « neo bohemia
moonless night, the song of crickets and Luna Negra

Neo Bohemia reviews our performance in Saratoga last week – seeems sooo long ago already.

Beautiful weekend here in Santa Fe. Indian Summer, or should one say Native American Summer?

On Friday I worked on yet another unreleased piece from the The Hours Between Night + Day sessions(((here is another one I mixed in April))). Probably won’t be able to finish it before I leave on Monday, but will finish the mix and post it as soon as I am back.


Ottmar Liebert – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Interesting. Somebody has gone through my wikipedia page and changed a whole bunch recently.

Ottmar Liebert has recorded with Luna Negra since 1990, sometimes preferring all-at-once live recording and disregarding customary studio resources like editing, overdubbing, etc.–but achieving reasonably quality, commercial results nonetheless.

Reasonable quality, eh? I think that started out as high quality, then turned into highly commercial and ended up reasonably quality

I always thought an encyclopedia is supposed to deal in facts, not personal commentary. Somebody has gone through the whole thing and overall tone has become rather cynical and mean.

Luna Negra’s music is easy to categorize as a pop synthesis of cultural music stereotypes.

I wouldn’t care, if I hadn’t noticed this year that several journalists referenced wikipedia. They didn’t used to, but it has become a quick and easy way to pick up some quotes or background.

Afterthought: I listened to One Guitar last night. I had not listened to that recording in a long while and wanted to listen to the album as a whole in 24/96k in order to make sure that the levels are working and nothing jumped out too much. I will archive the album in form of 24/96k AIFF and FLAC files for future distribution. Since I don’t use any compression on One Guitar, it is important that I make sure the levels are compatible and that can only be done by listening. I could look at the meter, but volume is subjective and nothing beats doing it the old-fashioned way, by listening. Anyway, to these ears, a finer guitar sound has not been captured…

Huevos Rancheros with red chile for breakfast – most likely the last time before I leave on Monday. Then to FedEx Kinko’s to obtain passport photos for the Japanese visa application, where I ran into Jon who arrived to get his. I also returned the two movies I rented on Tuesday and decided that I prefer our local video rental shop over Netflix. Arriving home I promptly canceled my Netflix membership. We are lucky to have a real local video rental store in Santa Fe – let’s hope it stays that way.

Hans over at Larry Versus Harry in Copenhagen sent me this item:

Larry vs Harry Blog: #1
Yesterday morning the cargo-bikes raced at the Messenger World Championship in Tokyo, CWMC. As you may remember the 4-time worldchampion, Erik Zo, had joined Team Bullitt for this event. But it was Angus from the Trackbike Shop in Copenhagen,who took the gold. Usually Angus is riding a Bilenky but yesterday he rode a pink Bullitt.