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First of all thanks to everyone who helped clean up the wikipedia entry!!

moonless night, the song of crickets and Luna Negra « neo bohemia
moonless night, the song of crickets and Luna Negra

Neo Bohemia reviews our performance in Saratoga last week – seeems sooo long ago already.

Beautiful weekend here in Santa Fe. Indian Summer, or should one say Native American Summer?

On Friday I worked on yet another unreleased piece from the The Hours Between Night + Day sessions(((here is another one I mixed in April))). Probably won’t be able to finish it before I leave on Monday, but will finish the mix and post it as soon as I am back.


  1. Barbara

    well, I received my tickets for the Munich concert and so I logged into Ottmar’s friends to leave you a note. I have wanted to see you in concert for years but somehow Switzerland was never on your schedule or whenever I was in Santa Fe you were on the road. Now my dream comes true and since Munich is not far away I will FINALLY have the occasion to hear and see you live!!! After all the years of listening to (all) your CDs it makes me feel very exicted. See you in Munich! And we do have a beautiful Indian Summer here on the Lake Constance too! Take care – Barbara

  2. Boris

    Ordered tickets for my parents for the Munich show (I won’t make it there :() … Seems that the venue will be quite full. As from the overview, at least 400 out of 550 seats were taken.

  3. Gudrun

    @ Boris: A small “fanmenco” at Munich again?? See you!

  4. Brenda

    Neo Bohemia review is beautiful. Thanks! I love your photo’s, especially the one featuring the Stairs hhmm to Heaven. :) Awe, someday I will be a member of an Ottmar audience also! Y’all are such nice people!

  5. LindaW

    I have to agree on the “Stairs” photo. I have been to Villa Montalvo more times that I can remember. Yumi captured them perfectly!
    Pity I had to miss this show, I had been looking forward to it.

  6. Brenda

    Yes, Linda – Love the Song “Stairway to Heaven” – The photo seemed to capture the picture in my mind.


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