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Ottmar Liebert – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Interesting. Somebody has gone through my wikipedia page and changed a whole bunch recently.

Ottmar Liebert has recorded with Luna Negra since 1990, sometimes preferring all-at-once live recording and disregarding customary studio resources like editing, overdubbing, etc.–but achieving reasonably quality, commercial results nonetheless.

Reasonable quality, eh? I think that started out as high quality, then turned into highly commercial and ended up reasonably quality

I always thought an encyclopedia is supposed to deal in facts, not personal commentary. Somebody has gone through the whole thing and overall tone has become rather cynical and mean.

Luna Negra’s music is easy to categorize as a pop synthesis of cultural music stereotypes.

I wouldn’t care, if I hadn’t noticed this year that several journalists referenced wikipedia. They didn’t used to, but it has become a quick and easy way to pick up some quotes or background.

Afterthought: I listened to One Guitar last night. I had not listened to that recording in a long while and wanted to listen to the album as a whole in 24/96k in order to make sure that the levels are working and nothing jumped out too much. I will archive the album in form of 24/96k AIFF and FLAC files for future distribution. Since I don’t use any compression on One Guitar, it is important that I make sure the levels are compatible and that can only be done by listening. I could look at the meter, but volume is subjective and nothing beats doing it the old-fashioned way, by listening. Anyway, to these ears, a finer guitar sound has not been captured…

Huevos Rancheros with red chile for breakfast – most likely the last time before I leave on Monday. Then to FedEx Kinko’s to obtain passport photos for the Japanese visa application, where I ran into Jon who arrived to get his. I also returned the two movies I rented on Tuesday and decided that I prefer our local video rental shop over Netflix. Arriving home I promptly canceled my Netflix membership. We are lucky to have a real local video rental store in Santa Fe – let’s hope it stays that way.

Hans over at Larry Versus Harry in Copenhagen sent me this item:

Larry vs Harry Blog: #1
Yesterday morning the cargo-bikes raced at the Messenger World Championship in Tokyo, CWMC. As you may remember the 4-time worldchampion, Erik Zo, had joined Team Bullitt for this event. But it was Angus from the Trackbike Shop in Copenhagen,who took the gold. Usually Angus is riding a Bilenky but yesterday he rode a pink Bullitt.



  1. Panj

    WEll I do hope someone with a bit more knowledge and with more expertise, can go in and rechange it…I guess it wouldn’t be quite correct etiquette for one to do it, one’s self? Especially as it is being quoted…

  2. Gerry

    “Luna Negra’s music is easy to categorize as a pop synthesis of cultural music stereotypes.”
    No, wrong! L. N.,s music is pioneering – at least to my ears.

  3. dave

    Hmmm, any recordings of the band RED hanging around? That’d be interesting listening.

  4. Brenda

    (Maybe the “somebody” should take a lesson in communication.
    Reminder to “somebody” that the written words are 7% – Tone of Voice 38% and Body Language 55% according to the USAID. )
    Ottmar, I would think that Wikipedia should contact you first before touching the computer keys to write a ???? . I thought an encyclopedia stated FACTS not personal opinions as junior high children might. It is called common courtesy and it reflects their integrity oh yes character.
    Ottmar, please enlighten Wikipedia world for your Ottmar-Friends!

  5. Ottmar

    Well, all of the quotes attributed to me on wikipedia, as of yesterday, aren’t actually things I said. Yesterday there was written that I claimed to have 30+ gold and platinum awards. I never had to claim such a thing. There is a link at the bottom of the wiki entry that leads to the list of my official RIAA awards – anybody can count them. Or go to the searchable database and plug in some names.

    Dave – I think my brother has a few RED recordings. I have a few. And there is no need for anyone else to hear them. (((But, some of my 80’s guitar-looping can be heard at the end of the Nouveaumatic version of In the Arms of Love (1982 Fragment)))) I guess somebody from Boston felt the need to point out that I had a band there. That’s why it’s wikipedia.

    Thanks Brenda, but I am not going to get into a contest with whoever is making these changes. However, I won’t contribute money to wikipedia anymore.

  6. dave

    I’ll have to listen for that looping on the way home.

  7. Ottmar

    I found it on a cassette-tape from 1982!!!

    Yes, I do still have a cassette player in my studio…

  8. dave

    Hey, I still have a cassette player, too (a 30 year old Pioneer). I have an old WBCN xmas tape from the 80’s I still listen to during the holidays.

  9. Ottmar

    Ah WBCN! Remember Oedipus? He had a show on the weekend and became program director. I remember getting completely drunk on sake with him at a nice Japanese restaurant named Agatha. Afterwards I walked to my loft and according to my brother stared into space for hours… We still send each other cards, but I haven’t seen him in twenty years.

  10. Brenda

    One- two – Knockout! Wikipedia down for the 3rd Count. opps –
    Just got carried away! :)

  11. Carol

    That made me so angry to read what the latest on Wikipedia says about you. Your innovative music holds so much more than just a tune. Your music changes people. It is so filled with feeling I need it,
    I don’t just think they’re neat little ditties.”reasonable? commercial? pop?’ That’s crazy. Somebody who heard your music and didn’t listen to your music just barged in like a hippo and spouted off. I do hope someone changes it so it’s accurate.

  12. Carol

    I remember writing to you and syaing that I just read where your Nouveau Flamenco had sold more than any other guitar album in the world, and you said that you didn’t know that. You’re not just counting your laurels for sure.

  13. dave

    Ah yes, Nocturnal Emmissions on Sunday nights. He used to play some good music.

  14. marijose

    Wow. Glad all the Wikipedia junk got cleaned up. As I tell my kids, when you try to hurt other people you end up hurting yourself instead.

  15. Matthew

    I’ve taken some of the negative stuff out but can’t be sure about accuracy of the current entry.

  16. Boris

    We had the same problem with your wikipedia entry some 4 years back. MJ cleaned up the entry back then. Made it pleasantly neutral, a good fit for an encyclopedia entry. I thought it would have been fine even for “the others”. I have no understanding why somebody bothered to take the time and alter the entry again in a negative way, and in such a stupid way, as if everything would be “claimed”.


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