Blade Runner

Open the Future: Blade Runner
Oscar Pistorius is the South African sprinter I mentioned in my piece The Accidental Cyborg – a world-class runner who happens to have artificial lower legs and feet. Because of the shape of the carbon fiber prosthetics, his nickname is now “Blade Runner.”

And / Arts & Weekend / Sport – ‘Blade Runner’ finds controversy at every step
Pistorius argues that bio-mechanical tests prove that the blades provide no more “return” from the track than legs. Accordingly, IAAF officials have given him and themselves a period of grace for reflection, during which time he is being allowed to compete in his first open races outside South Africa.

Should one have two Olympics… a traveling show that opens every four years in a different city where anything goes, from doping to artificial limbs to genetic enhancements to nano tech – the olympics already allow trigger-releases for archery, considered blasphemy by some – and traditional olympic games, held in Greece, where no enhancement of any kind is allowed? No, I am afraid that won’t work. It seems to me that the wrangling over what should and should not be admissible is an important part of how our culture “digests” the possibilities and sets a course.

Music is auditory cheesecake

Sounds of Dissent: The politics of music – NI 359 – KeynoteCross argues that dismissing music as a useless fancy is incredibly ethnocentric. He suggests that Pinker’s confectionary view of music may reflect what music has become over the last hundred years within Western society – where a booming industry for recording and selling sounds has ‘turned music into a commodity to be consumed, dispensable on demand’. He goes on to argue that many people around the world use music for purposes other than entertainment. For example, they may use it for healing, education, cultural and religious ceremonies, communication and activism.

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Railyard District

Had lunch at the Railyard restaurant. My first visit there.
Checked out the new galleries that have been built next door and went to see these photos and the baskets at the TAI Gallery.
Crossed these tracks:
…to take a look at this installation:
…and ended up seeing this face: