Thursday Morning

The two solo performances on Tuesday and last night were a lot of fun. The Center for Integral Living at the Standard Hotel created a lovely space to play guitar in and the audience was very wonderful. The ring-finger of my right hand healed just in time. On Tuesday I felt pain every time I tapped the top of the guitar – which is often – but nothing I could not handle. By last night the pain was pretty much gone. Got to go, Genpo Roshi starts teaching again in 15 minutes…

ListeningLounge and Music Files

Our monsoon continues and we had another fine rain storm this afternoon.

In the morning Jon and I compared AIFF, FLAC and 320kbps mp3 files in my studio, using Stax Earspeakers and a Stax tube amp. The FLAC files had been encoded and decoded using xAct, which is a fine FLAC app for Macintosh. The 320 mp3 was made with Peak Pro, which uses a LAME encoder – the same encoder we use for the ListeningLounge.

The result was what one would expect: AIFF, followed by FLAC and mp3. What we did not expect was how very close the quality between these formats was. Unless you have a great set of headphones or speakers – and the ears and experience to process what comes through them – you will not hear a difference. Another interesting point was that the treble side of the music was indistinguishable, it was the bass where one could detect shades of difference.