Down the hill, fast, fast

Watched this and remembered some bike messenger moments, nothing like these guys though. The start of this race is what triggered the memories. Look for the opening between vehicles and pedestrians and go for it.

Marcy Street Water Drum

Walking down Marcy Street I recognized the sound right away. For years I walked past this water drain and enjoyed the sound. I stopped and recorded a little bit of it. Steady 106 BPM.

Rain by M. Callahan

This is Matt’s own experiment, combining a still image with a video of water. He used a photo he took of me a few years ago and video of rain on glass. Very cool.
GIF version:

Saturday Morning Experiments

The cover of the next album might be an image that includes movement, especially because the album will contain many sounds of rain and water. A few of the working titles are:

    slow 2 : rain
    slow 2 : the rain album
    slow guitar + rain drumming
    slow 2 + water

Yes, I am obsessed with water. Many of my song titles have a variation of the word water in them. One cannot live in a desert, even one as relatively green as Santa Fe, without obsessing about water. (((maybe I should make a playlist with every song that has either water in the title or the sound of water on the recording… there will be loads…)))

A printed CD cover is always static but there is no reason that a digital file has to be. There are so many possibilities for a cover that combines a short video loop in the background with a foreground image that has the opacity turned down a little bit. I imagine an image of a guitar layered over a video loop that shows the reflections of the sun in a body of water. Or a macro photo of a drop of water that is layered over water movement. There are lots of possabilities there.

This is a quick Saturday morning experiment, using a photo I took last week and a short loop I found at
Above is the video and below is a 6 second GIF version, taken from that video.