Guitar @ Home

My guitar was delivered to the apartment just moments ago and I was thrilled to see that it was in perfect condition. Not a scratch on guitar or case. Very happy.
The music is something new I am working on. It’s a 6/8 feel over 4/4 and the second guitar will be a plucked reggae part. I just played the second guitar part along with the video and it works very nicely.

Recorded with a phone propped up against a pillow. :-)


Started playing Lush on the guitar yesterday. Hadn’t played it in more than fifteen years. Might be an interesting tune to re-arrange and resurrect. I find that the version on the Wide-Eyed + Dreaming documentary is perfect. I also like the Steve Hillage remixes of that piece. Of course, I was using a MIDI guitar then… but that’s just a challenge to come up with something different.

Damn, the late Carl Coletti sounds good on that recording! We had been touring a lot and that shows.


I love trees. Working together, trees and fungi made this planet habitable.
Yesterday morning I wondered what type of tree this might be:
IMG 7289
It’s all over Waikiki, in the parks, along some of the streets. It has a gorgeous canopy that reminded me of the Stone Pines that grace Portugal–see next photo–and which can be found in so many public squares in Southern Europe. The French will play Boule underneath lanes of Stone Pine, and you can find them all over Rome.
IMG 6776
I asked a few people and did a little research. Jacaranda, perhaps, or maybe Samanea Saman, also known as Rain Tree, because when it rains the leaves fold up and let the water pass. Don’t seek shelter under a rain tree when it starts to rain, I guess.
While looking for the tree I came across this lovely time-lapse of a Rain Tree’s first year of growth.

OL 220830 06 49 42 1

Down the hill, fast, fast

Watched this and remembered some bike messenger moments, nothing like these guys though. The start of this race is what triggered the memories. Look for the opening between vehicles and pedestrians and go for it.

Marcy Street Water Drum

Walking down Marcy Street I recognized the sound right away. For years I walked past this water drain and enjoyed the sound. I stopped and recorded a little bit of it. Steady 106 BPM.