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02023-04-23 | Guitar, Video | 0 comments

This afternoon I recorded myself playing a musical idea into the phone. I do this quite often to remember certain chord changes or melodic ideas, but most of the time I use the Voice-Memos app to do this. Today I used video – as I did here last November. 

I simply leaned the phone against a window to record both visual and sound. There was nothing artful or sophisticated about it. No art director, no technician, no microphone, no lighting, no makeup, not even a tripod for the phone. You get the idea.

I liked the result, which I thought looked and sounded surprisingly decent, and had an idea. A guitar vlog for Backstage where I challenge myself to come up with a new piece of music every day. To be recorded with my phone propped up wherever I am. Simple. Doesn’t have to be long and shouldn’t be staged. In fact, the simpler the better. 


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