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02022-11-26 | Guitar, Lx, Music, Video | 11 comments

My guitar was delivered to the apartment just moments ago and I was thrilled to see that it was in perfect condition. Not a scratch on guitar or case. Very happy.
The music is something new I am working on. It’s a 6/8 feel over 4/4 and the second guitar will be a plucked reggae part. I just played the second guitar part along with the video and it works very nicely.

Recorded with a phone propped up against a pillow. :-)


  1. Lisi-Tana

    I bet the walls of your flat are very happy to hear something lovely after being alone for so long.

  2. MSG

    Just wondering, I read that you moved from Santa Fe. Where are your new stomping grounds nowadays?

    • ottmar

      I am sorry I can’t be more specific but occasionally people try to find me when I don’t want to be found and as a result I have become very careful. That said, I can tell you I live somewhere in the US that is not in the southwest and I have an apartment in Lisbon, Portugal, where I am at the moment. Neither place is very “Santa Fe”, but that was the point… to try something very different.

  3. Ed

    Your music brings joy to many of us! It’s amazing what can be done with a phone! A beautiful guitar.

    • ottmar

      Thank you, Ed. This guitar turned twenty years old in 2022. I should celebrate, since it can’t.

  4. Tony Seker

    It will be interesting to see how your music reflects changes in your environment/ lifestyle. Best wishes in the new surroundings. I hope you like port and madeira

  5. Ali Shafai

    The recording sounds nice, and I’m looking forward to hearing what this lovely progression develops into.

    And, congratulations on the move to something new.

  6. Ali Shafai

    I’m looking forward to hearing how this piece will turn into a song.

    Sounds lovely.

  7. Gabo

    Well…it’s sounds perfect to

  8. Nancy

    So glad your guitar arrived safely. I am sure it was a relief. Hope you have some time to relax and play it now that you are back in Lisbon.

    • JaneParham

      I am gently blessed, bathed in these delicious chords.

      Happy Anniversary, O lovely guitar


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