PingMag – The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things”: Portable Chopstick Designs
Statistically about 30% of the population on the planet now use them. I think chopsticks are a great invention to pick up even the smallest bits of food, to divide bigger into smaller pieces and – what many say here in Japan – the food actually tastes better with non-metallic cutlery! Sometimes I use them even for eating pasta…

All about chopsticks. How much metal is in our system because we eat with cutlery? Silver might be good for you, stainless steel should be harmless, but what about different alloys?

Bluetooth does not equal Bluetooth

When I first bought my Palm Treo 650 a couple of years ago its bluetooth interacted flawlessly with my Toyota Prius’ bluetooth. I was able to take calls and end calls by pushing a button on the steering wheel with the audio coming through the stereo’s speakers even if the radio/CD player was turned off, and a microphone in the ceiling picking up my voice. After I updated the Treo software to 1.16 (?) last year my car could not hook up with the phone. I contacted Palm and they claimed it would have to be a Toyota problem because their bluetooth implementation was correct and their update had nothing to do with the connection problems. Curious then, that the bluetooth connection to my Prius works once again after the latest Treo software update to 1.20.

Santa Fe Sunday

I arrive home at 1:30AM on Sunday Morning. We hired a van to drive us tired lot from Albuquerque airport to Santa Fe and the driver almost take out the piñon in the middle of my driveway. I almost offer to turn the van around for him, but he manages in the end.

The ground is wet and everything looks Santa Fe-lush, which is not Hawaii-lush or Seattle-lush, but a wonderful sight in any case. Some locals claim that if the Santa Fe Monsoon lasts into August we will have a good Winter ahead of us – meaning we will get a good amount of snow.

I was dead tired on the plane from LAX, but now I am home and the tiredness has evaporated. I stay up until almost 5AM. A few hours of sleep and up again at 9AM.