Post-Industrial Age?

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Can 30% of us drag the rest into the post-industrial age?
‘Post-materialism is an economic philosophy that emphasizes quality of life and environmental sustainability issues instead of earning income and material possessions.’
(Via Click opera)

Momus looks at Post-Materialists, Culture-Creatives and others…

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  1. Rob

    Despite what we are lead to believe in our society, the accumulation of money and posessions apparently do not necessarily lead to ultimate happiness. The people of Vanuatu and Bhutan have apparently achieved great happiness without the great consumer culture items we are told we need, without 200 channels on cable, without artificial flavoring, without new and improved. Imagine, for just a moment, being happy with who you are, and where you are, right now. I think we highly insulated Americans have a lot to learn from other cultures.



    Looking forward to your concerts man.
    Cheers, Rob


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