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I recently discovered some forgotten music from 1995. It is a project I started with my friend Eric Schermerhorn while he was in Santa Fe to play a guitar solo on the song Butterfly + Juniper for the Opium album.

We called the project LAVA and it was to be a meeting of Flamenco guitar + ROCK. And indeed it is crunchy on the outside with a soft filling on the inside! It is yummy! Within less than two weeks we recorded and mixed 14 songs! An explosion of creativity….Eric + I played lots of guitars, Carl Coletti played drums, Jon Gagan played bass and Mark Clark added some percussion. Well, then I went on to finish Opium, then we went on tour, then we had to mix the music for the wide-eyed + Dreaming video and by then LAVA was forgotten…..

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  1. Jackie

    Listen to a few of the tracks…you’re right, it is “yummy”.


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