When You Cannot See You Must Feel

I recorded this in August of 2019 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I was fascinated with the vine feeling for a new place to attach. I felt it was a good metaphor… when we cannot see or know, we need to trust and feel the direction.
You can watch it larger on Vimeo

Guitar @ Home

My guitar was delivered to the apartment just moments ago and I was thrilled to see that it was in perfect condition. Not a scratch on guitar or case. Very happy.
The music is something new I am working on. It’s a 6/8 feel over 4/4 and the second guitar will be a plucked reggae part. I just played the second guitar part along with the video and it works very nicely.

Recorded with a phone propped up against a pillow. :-)

Walking + Advice

This guy walked four and a half thousand kilometer through China…

…and this guy gave free advice in Copenhagen:

Free Advice by [Zakkaliciousness].

This guy just whipped up a table and chairs on the sidewalk and put up a sign saying “Free Advice about Anything – and Coffee”.

He sat there for a few days and there was seemingly always somebody speaking to him.

Around 2020 or 2021 you might find me walking through Japan, retracing the steps of the Japanese poet Basho… Oh, and this is something I read sometime last week…

Official Google Mac Blog
I told them about my neighbor’s bumper sticker:
“It’s Not That I’m Old. Your Music Really Does Suck.”

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Up Close

The last concert of our 2009 Summer tour. Local lighting crew works the par cans. Lighting pipes sway. People walk around. Stephen Duros starts soundcheck.


From Ottmar-Friends. Subscribers can download an HD version of the video or the fullsize 24bit/88.2kHz stereo recording. (24/88.2 is more than twice the resolution of a CD, but not every computer can handle it)