Snakecharmer Vid

I am glad you are enjoying our Snakecharmer video – see earlier post. I have already used up 71.3 GB of the 150 GB bimonthly data transfer limit on my dotMac account, where the QuickTime version of the video lives. If I go over 150 GB before September 30, the video will become unavailable until the first of October. If you enjoy viewing the video repeatedly, please download it to your computer, in order to not increase the data-transfer amount with every viewing: just wait for the video to load completely and click on the “Download” field above the vid. Then you can watch “Snakecharmer” on your computer – if you have QuickTime installed. (Link to QuickTime for PC)
You can also view the flash version of the video on HumbleVoice as often as you like.


You might want to read the comments to the earlier post for more information regarding the enjoyment of binaural audio.

I tried uplaoding the video to YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe and HumbleVoice. For some reason the stereo was lost with every upload to YouTube and Google Video – I tried .mov, .mp4, and .m4v files with the same result: the video only played back in mono. The Metacafe upload failed entirely. The only successful upload was at HumbleVoice. And here is a direct link to the vid on HumbleVoice, where you can also find the code to embed the video on your blog.

It is confirmed. Google Video converts to mono. My guess is that they started doing that with YouTube as well. I will not upload anything to either again.

New Podcast

Today we sent out a podcast of just the audio portion of the Snakecharmer-Binaural video.

ListeningLounge Radio Podcast – that’s the direct link for people who use podcast software or smart browsers like Safari.
You can also find our podcast on iTunes’ by searching the podcast directory for Ottmar Liebert or simply click on one of the following links, the Podcast Directory or the Odeon Channel. It will take the Podcast Directory and the Odeon Channel a little longer to display Snakecharmer-Binaural, but it’s already available from our subscripton and from iTunes.

The Fritz Files – Snakecharmer-Binaural

QuickTime Video – Up Close: The Fritz Files – Snakecharmer-Binaural
Click on above link to view a QuickTime vid of our performance of Snakecharmer in my studio last month. It’s a rather large file and if your connection is slow you might have to wait for it to load. Use headphones, as that is the only way to experience the surround quality of a dummy head recording. You might have to turn up the volume as we did not compress the sound and it is therefore lower than most CDs.
Dummy Head Recording
Binaural Recording
Head-Related Transfer Function

I enjoy watching this video because you can close your eyes and HEAR where the instruments are, then open your eyes and see whether you got it right. This song will not be part of the album, which has been mastered and will soon be uploaded to the ListeningLounge. As soon as the album becomes available I will let you know.

PS: just to be clear about this. The audio was recorded using Fritz, the dummy head you can see in the middle of the room. That audio was then used to replace the sound the video camera recorded. So, you see what the camera sees and hear what the dummy head hears.