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02007-09-21 | Binaural | 1 comment

I am glad you are enjoying our Snakecharmer video – see earlier post. I have already used up 71.3 GB of the 150 GB bimonthly data transfer limit on my dotMac account, where the QuickTime version of the video lives. If I go over 150 GB before September 30, the video will become unavailable until the first of October. If you enjoy viewing the video repeatedly, please download it to your computer, in order to not increase the data-transfer amount with every viewing: just wait for the video to load completely and click on the “Download” field above the vid. Then you can watch “Snakecharmer” on your computer – if you have QuickTime installed. (Link to QuickTime for PC)
You can also view the flash version of the video on HumbleVoice as often as you like.

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  1. Carol

    It’s such a wonderful experience to be right there with you, from beginning to end where you walk toward us to turn it off. I love that kind of thing. Thank you. oh yes, and the sound was pretty good too : )


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