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02007-09-14 | Binaural, Internet, Music, Ottmar | 4 comments

Today we sent out a podcast of just the audio portion of the Snakecharmer-Binaural video.

ListeningLounge Radio Podcast – that’s the direct link for people who use podcast software or smart browsers like Safari.
You can also find our podcast on iTunes’ by searching the podcast directory for Ottmar Liebert or simply click on one of the following links, the Podcast Directory or the Odeon Channel. It will take the Podcast Directory and the Odeon Channel a little longer to display Snakecharmer-Binaural, but it’s already available from our subscripton and from iTunes.


  1. Patrick

    Finally I understand “the vision may cloud your ears”. What an amazing sound.

  2. dave

    It makes me feel like a dummy … it the midst of the four of you.

  3. michael

    This was a great way to enjoy my Sunday morning coffee. I used my ipod earbuds. Thank you all.

  4. Gloria

    It was like I was sitting in the room with you and you were playing music just for me! I loved it.


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