Two going down and one going up…

We had a beautiful summer thunderstorm yesterday. The sound was amazing. Now the water catchers are full.

Indigo Two – Bare Version

I added a new bonus track to the album on Bandcamp. A “bare” version of Indigo Two – just guitar, upright bass, and accordion. Those who bought the album should be able to see it when they are logged in. I’m going to add more bonus tracks during the next few weeks.

Where the River Flows

It’s the second piece of album. The sound at the beginning is not vinyl LP scratching or rain… it is the sound of bread cooling in my kitchen.

I think it’s done….

For now Fete is only available from Bandcamp. I will work on a few alternate mixes and edits that will become available as bonus tracks, included in the purchase of the album. For high definition audiophiles: I uploaded the music to Bandcamp in the form of 24/88.2 FLAC files. It is my understanding that one can buy and download regular 16/44.1 mp3 files as well as HD FLAC files. Leave comment if that isn’t so.