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For now Fete is only available from Bandcamp. I will work on a few alternate mixes and edits that will become available as bonus tracks, included in the purchase of the album. For high definition audiophiles: I uploaded the music to Bandcamp in the form of 24/88.2 FLAC files. It is my understanding that one can buy and download regular 16/44.1 mp3 files as well as HD FLAC files. Leave comment if that isn’t so.


  1. Jane Katz

    Ottmar, Liebe, congratulations! Fete is superb. I’m already attached to Indigo Two, Runnung the Dunes, and In the Morning. I like the combination of instruments in all the numbers. Also it was good to hear you solo in Indigo One.

  2. jane katz

    Now I’m starting to really love Serenade and Big Vale. AND the song Fete is wonderful – it does sound like a party, and the accordian gives it atmosphere!

  3. Jane Katz

    My hat is off to Bandcamp for their gracious Thank You included on my receipt. ” Thank you Jane Katz on behalf of Ottmar Liebert.” These things matter.

  4. Ole Eichhorn

    Happy to buy Fete online knowing you’ll get the entire $15! And even happier to listen to it :)


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