Tuesday, December 9th

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Snow on the ground. Roads a little slippery.

I spent the afternoon in the studio, recording a guitar solo for a piece of music by slide-guitarist Roy Rogers (((and this is his web site))). We used Dropbox – love that Dropbox!!! – to exchange files: he sent me an mp3 of his guitar to play to, and I uploaded a 24/96k file of my guitar for his album. Roy called in the evening to tell me how much he enjoyed the combination of slide and Flamenco guitar. Flamenco – the Blues of the Gypsies…

In the evening I watched Women in the Dunes, which I had never seen. The photography is spectacular, and I especially liked the scenes of sand-as-water.

The cat George stayed out all night again. Impressive since it was cold, around 20ºF. He does have a thick coat of fur and maybe he has already found a second home, found a warm spot somewhere, or is hunting all night. When he returned in the morning he was hungry and went right to sleep.

Podcasted “Morning Light”, recorded live in Portland this Summer. Recorded by Alan Behr, improved by Jon. If you subscribe to our podcast via iTunes or other means you can download it there. You can also go here to listen or download. (((I was inspired to podcast more free live recordings by four Romanians who drove all the way to Milan to hear me perform in May. Afterwards they requested more live free live recordings to listen to.)))


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