Yesterday evening I walked to Jardim da Estrela, a lovely park with the tallest cacti I have ever seen, and lots of great big trees. After sitting on a bench beneath a tree, collecting my thoughts and enjoying the view, I walked East and South to Time Out Market, where I saw this poster. My next destination was the nearby Dahlia, where I had dinner. By the time I arrived in my flat I had walked just under seven miles.

Together we joy, ja?!
Let’s joy together!

Sunday Night in Shibuya

Shibuya at night. Very Blade Runner. Click on he full-screen symbol, and also check out the sounds:

Christmas is serious business in Tokyo. Two cherry-pickers and 6 or 7 men per tree, carefully and precisely added Christmas lights to every branch. Two crews worked, one on each side of the street. At the rate they were going, it would be December before they would be done with all of the lighting, but it will look perfect, of course! I took the photo from a restaurant where we had dinner. Worst food of the trip, but the great noddle-shops around the corner were jam-packed and had throngs of people waiting in line. At least we had a great vantage point for observing the lighting crew from the second floor!

Friday Travel

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Three hours of sleep, then up at three thirty. We were at the Albuquerque airport by 06:30. Stephen and I had to gate-check our guitars, because the plane to Chicago was quite small, but the flight attendant for the flight to Buffalo in an even smaller plane was kind enough to store our guitars in his closet. The tourbus picked us up at the airport and we were glad to see our driver. Home, sweet rental home!

I mentioned that I received the amazing Phaidon book A Day at elBulli (here and here) – check out this YouTube about elBulli and their amazing new dishes.

Wednesday in Santa Fe

Breakfast at Counter Culture. Then to Jon’s to take photos of his studio.
Rhodes and Classic Drumkit
Classic Fender Rhodes and classic orange sparkles drum kit!!
Then an excellent lunch at Aqua Santa with MM. Great day to sit out on the patio.
Aqua Santa Patio
Table and Window