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If you are new to these pages, let me give you a few tips:

It seems that Firefox works well and Explorer – not so much. You can download Firefox for free here.

It seems that it is easier to login from than from Something to do with cookies. I always login from backstage, which always works.

Just click on the category Music to find all of the free downloads. Or category Video.

I will send out the new password for May tomorrow morning, Saturday.

Three hours of sleep, then up at three thirty. We were at the Albuquerque airport by 06:30. Stephen and I had to gate-check our guitars, because the plane to Chicago was quite small, but the flight attendant for the flight to Buffalo in an even smaller plane was kind enough to store our guitars in his closet. The tourbus picked us up at the airport and we were glad to see our driver. Home, sweet rental home!

I mentioned that I received the amazing Phaidon book A Day at elBulli (here and here) – check out this YouTube about elBulli and their amazing new dishes.


  1. Zelia Trueb

    Thanks for the hint on which program – Foxfire vs. Explore -works better, because in the past I’ve had a hard time getting thru. One instance, specifically, I had gone to one of your concerts and they run out of CDs at the table and she suggested I go to the website to purchase, well, I wasn’t able to, the screen would freeze and I finally gave up. Also, I tried at different times, with the same result.

  2. Tom Alverson

    The site is working fine for me with Windows 7 and IE8. I have Firefox installed just in case, but have not needed it yet.


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