Freiburg Poster

Boris scored a poster from the Jazzhaus in Freiburg and says that the new dates are November 24th in Freiburg and November 28th in Munich. The other German dates will fall around those two. That’s all I know at this point. I know that I will do more shows in Europe that month and have heard about Switzerland, France and the UK. I’ll keep you posted – or check Boris’ Flickr or Blog – he might have the scoop before me. :)

The photo on the poster is by the great Gorman – last year in Santa Fe.

Tuesday Morning

Negative Space Graffiti
Noticed this negative-space-graffiti on my way back from Gimme Coffee this morning. I do like the new software in my N95. Also discovered a new choice: the phone will take a photo every 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes. Another way to create rhythm…

I had emailed my friend Greg RE my idea of mixing brief (10 seconds?) video and images in my slideshow and he called me in the evening and introduced me to a man from Adobe who happened to attend his workshop. He liked my idea and suggested that Adobe Flash, although not as easy to program as Lightroom or Keynote, would be able to do a random slideshow of stills and video for my solo-performances AND could be programmed to work with a DVD slideshow, where the photos, video, music and Flash program would be on a DVD and once inserted into a computer could play a slideshow randomly selecting visuals and audio… The music for the DVD could be a compilation – might be very nice to have very different moods and arrangements, from solo to large group – OR a new solo guitar recording using Fritz, the binaural dummy head. A binaural recording would mean interesting spacial relationships between audio and visual, especially if I use a different location in relation to the dummy-head for every piece, or move around while playing – as I did on Up Close.

Road accident database:

FARS Encyclopedia
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Stevo on “The Scent of Light”:

Yesterday I was up at 5am again from the Jet Lag. A great time to sit down and listen to Ottmar’s new mastered album while the morning light came through the window. Wow, Beautiful album. I love the depth in the music. It was great to hear the final product after following his works in progress. I had it on loop this morning discovering new sounds and melodies in the music. Looking forward to playing the new material this summer with the band. Mark your calenders!!


Guitarists spend one half of their lives tuning their guitars….and the other half playing out of tune
– attributed to John Mclaughlin

Greg Gorman Workshop

I enjoyed Greg Gorman’s workshop last week very much. The workshops are taught at Greg’s house and studio in Northern California to a group no larger than 9 people. Greg is a great teacher and very generous with his time and knowledge. Besides Greg there is usually a guest instructor, which was Mac Holbert of Nash Editions. Mac had so many tips and tricks for the digital workflow and for Adobe Photoshop that my head is still buzzing from it.

New Wallpaper

I added a new wallpaper/desktop image from a photoshoot this morning. It is straight out of the camera – well, I added the words but that’s all. I love the color of the guitar (Lester DeVoe Blanca) in this photograph and think that one image from this series will become the cover for Up Close.

Saturday, March 17

Beautiful Spring weather and a nice bike-ride on my Brompton. I am really enjoying this bicycle. Found more evidence of a Japan-Southwest connection:

Then into the studio, but a nail broke after 30 minutes of playing, just when I was getting somewhere with a new composition…
Later I met Greg Gorman and Arthur Meyerson at Forrest Moses’ house.

Then dinner at Kasasoba. Found out that Arthur Meyerson was very close to Ernst Haas, the first great color photographer – and also the man who shot the first color photos for Life Magazine in 1953. When I went to artschool in the mid-seventies, Ernst Haas was already a legend… Go to Arthur Meyerson’s website, click enter, then Gallery and select Color of Light.