Autumn – Solo

Oct 03 – München, Germany – Carl Orff Saal
Oct 04 – Leipzig, Germany – Spiegelpalast
Oct 06 – Berlin, Germany – Kleine Arena Tempodrom
Oct 07 – Hamburg, Germany – Stage Club
Oct 08 – Hanover, Germany – Markuskirche
Oct 09 – Köln, Germany – Kulturkirche

Go here to see links to the venues. There will be three to four shows in Italy and Austria before Jon and I roll into Munich.

Friday Travel

You CAN travel without moving!

Download the 111MB .aif file Travel Sound Collage here.

In this piece you will hear the following locations: der Kölner Dom/the Cologne cathedral – listen for the large space and a coin dropping in a donation box, the main railway station in Cologne – listen for announcements and the ICE (beautiful German highspeed train) opening its doors, a farm in Austria – listen for the pitch fork delivering hay to the cows, birds in Cologne…. and much more. I mixed the sounds, all recorded with a SoundDevices 722 digital recorder in April of 2007, in form of a collage. Found Sound. For some of the recordings I wore my OKM microphones (((check out their recording samples here))). I mentioned the OKMs in my Diary before. They look like little earphones and are worn like those. Wearing them, my ears shape the incoming sound – a process similar to the Neumann K100 binaural head we used to record Up Close (((that album was recorded at 24/96 and if there is interest I could make one song available in the form of a 24bit AIFF or FLAC file))).


Found on Matt’s Flickr

Oat-prices and the Bicycle

Feb. 17, 1818: Proto-Bicycle Gets Things Rolling
Bad weather in 1812 caused oat crops to fail, and horses starved as a result. That got von Drais thinking about how you could get around quickly without a horse. His first attempt was a four-wheeled vehicle with a treadmill crankshaft between the rear wheels. He demonstrated it to the Congress of Vienna (the peace confab that ended the Napoleonic wars).

That invention went nowhere, but the eruption of Indonesia’s Tambora volcano in 1815 gave Europe a snowy summer in 1816. Oats were scarce and expensive again, horses died, and von Drais got back to work.

This time, he invented a two-wheeler on a frame that looks much like a modern bicycle frame with a seat and front-wheel steering. It didn’t have a chain drive, and it didn’t even have pedals. You drove the thing with your feet, much like a scooter. You stopped it with your feet, too: no brakes.