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Train crosses bridge (Hohenzollernbrücke) in Cologne on Monday morning at 5AM, while bird sings.


  1. Carol

    I’ve always been a bit fearful of the sound of trains…so powerful and nonstoppable yet magnetic ….and there is the carefree sweet sound of the bird. Wow! What a contrast!

  2. bonjour

    Growing up, we lived about two blocks from some railroad tracks. The good memories of those days always return when I hear a train. Darnright goose bumps! Strange how those same rumblings of the train on the tracks seemed to carry a different feeling when I heard them then , as now, during the day time. Sigh….

  3. bonjour

    Growing up, we lived a few blocks from an active railroad. The sounds of the trains rolling down the tracks in the afternoon hours and then at night to this day seemed to sound differently. Maybe it was what they evoked in us as kids, then. To this day, I get melancholic whenever I see or hear a train passing by. Good stuff….

  4. Ocean

    Everyone loves the sound of a train in the distance….

  5. laurie

    love the bird song along with the chugging…

    My grandfather worked in a switch tower and as kids and we loved to visit him there. He would show us how the levers worked to change the tracks. (I guess that is done electronically these days.) It was fascinating and dirty! (I came home covered in grease quite often…) I always wanted a train set as a kid and did get one as an adult (girls didn’t often ask for trains in those days i guess). It still gets played with from time to time. Traveling by train in this country is not what it used to be but I still prefer it to flying. I enjoy the time it takes to arrive, the gentle rocking of the car, and the passing scenery. As small kids, we thought it was quite daring to walk from car to car as it was hard to keep your balance.

  6. LR

    Very nice. The ambient groove is right down there, da-da/da-da, as the wheels hit the expansion joints, wave goes through the bed into the steel superstructure of the bridge. Great bottom end. And how about those birds?

  7. Boris

    The most impressive moment is when the rattle of the train fades out and you only hear the singing of the birds. Some kind of insetting silence. Or, despite the singing, you get a feeling of silence……..

  8. llindaskaye

    Ottmar, really nice commentes…i love the sounde and fun of train traveling also…nice to knowe there are train lovers arounde…i prefer slow to fast though as i love to enjoye the journey…not into fast so much…amore amiogoeas, llindaskaye e.p. *******ps lovinge my guitar also…amore

  9. O.

    Everyone Loves the Sound of a Train in the Distance


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