Down the hill, fast, fast

Watched this and remembered some bike messenger moments, nothing like these guys though. The start of this race is what triggered the memories. Look for the opening between vehicles and pedestrians and go for it.

Self Moving Vehicle

From Neo Bohemia:

neo bohemia – bicycle

Two bicycle sticker designs that I have been working on. Clear stickers with the kanji in either black or white with my red stamp. Thought that they should be presented today.

And here is what the sticker looks like on a biycle:

Get Yer Torches! It’s a Bike Helmet Witchhunt! – Get Yer Torches! It’s a Bike Helmet Witchhunt!
In a perfect world, an individual who chooses to promote everyday cycling, and who has dedicated a great deal of time, energy and personal resources to do so, would be set high atop a pedestral to be respected by the local and global community.

Instead, Matthew Modine, actor and founder of Bicycle for a Day, is subject to a cyber witchhunt these days.

Instead of focusing on the good this guy is doing, all the focus is on his personal choice of whether he wishes to wear a helmet or not. Which he doesn’t.

Ironically, the man is more well-informed about helmets than the pundits who seek to hunt him down.

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And these guys wore helmets