Down the hill, fast, fast

02022-08-14 | Bicycle, Video | 4 comments

Watched this and remembered some bike messenger moments, nothing like these guys though. The start of this race is what triggered the memories. Look for the opening between vehicles and pedestrians and go for it.


  1. anne

    Looking for those openings …there is a thrill (maybe a skill?) to it.

    (i used to be a figure skater – loved to spin – but the jumping took a fearlessness that i just did not have… i turned to skiing but soon learned losing control down a steep hill is no fun. As a mother – so grateful my kid is not into sports )

    • luna

      OMG! How fun and wild! What a thing on the ice! Love his comments, breathing, and camera view! Feels like one of those driving video games trying to avoid objects and debris, and getting back up, dusting off the ice and keeping going! Wow!
      Where is this race?

      • anne

        yes- playing a video games is much safer too.

        lots of people do extreme sports – a friend is a famous mountain climber, – lost fellow climbers but still does those crazy climbs which could take his life at any wrong move. Wish he would retire.

        Family members jump out of helicopters to ski on virgin snow, My niece the snowboarder does the craziest jumps/flips – scaring the crap out of her parents.

        Life is precious – yet we love the thrill of doing dangerous things. Maybe it makes us feel more alive?

  2. luna

    ….unsure if my first comment went thru? OMG! This is great! Like a video driving game with the camera view and his breathing! Really alot of obstacles at the start….like a school of fish! And on the ice! Wow! Where is this race held? It’s pretty incredible!


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