Wednesday in Santa Fe

The first rehearsal for the recording of the new album starts at 10:00 today. When the recording starts for real, sometime in the coming weeks, I’ll bring some of my studio gear to Jon’s studio, in order to be able to have all of the microphones and pre-amps and converters for 16 tracks of HD recording.

Hm, wouldn’t it be cool, no, let me rephrase that, wouldn’t it be interesting, if the recent attacks on Google, which were blamed on Chinese hackers, and possibly black-hat Chinese Government Hackers… were actually perpetrated by Tibetan Freedom Fighters, who happen to know their way around computers? Khampas with internet instead of long knives. My imagination runs away with me and I can see a basement somewhere in Dharamsala, New York or London, filled with a gaggle of computers, with prayer flags crisscrossing the room, and people chanting mantras while they are hitting the keyboards.

Evidence Weakens That China Did the Recent Cyberattacks
an article in The Register calling into question the one piece of hard evidence that has been put forward to pin the Google cyberattacks on China. It was claimed that a CRC algorithm found in the Aurora attack code was particular to Chinese-language developers. Now evidence emerges that this algorithm has been widely known for years and used in English-language books and websites. Wired has a post introducing the Pentagon’s recently initiated effort to identify the “digital DNA” of hackers and/or their tools; this program is part of a wide-ranging effort by the US government to find useful means of deterring cyberattacks. This latter NY Times article notes that Google may have found the best deterrence so far — the threat to withdraw its services from the Chinese market.
(Via Slashdot)

I am back from the rehearsal and listening to mp3s from the recordings. Jon named one of the new tracks Tabouli Western, he he. We working out arrangements for 11 new pieces. More rehearsing next week and then four days of recording the week after that. The plan is to finish recording by the end of February and work on finishing touches and mixing in March.

Walking + Advice

This guy walked four and a half thousand kilometer through China…

…and this guy gave free advice in Copenhagen:

Free Advice by [Zakkaliciousness].

This guy just whipped up a table and chairs on the sidewalk and put up a sign saying “Free Advice about Anything – and Coffee”.

He sat there for a few days and there was seemingly always somebody speaking to him.

Around 2020 or 2021 you might find me walking through Japan, retracing the steps of the Japanese poet Basho… Oh, and this is something I read sometime last week…

Official Google Mac Blog
I told them about my neighbor’s bumper sticker:
“It’s Not That I’m Old. Your Music Really Does Suck.”

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Stephen Batchelor writes about the 50th anniversary of the Dalai Lama’s escape from India in Tricycle Magazine. Good article. On newsstands now.

Still, I wonder whether New Mexico is a good example. New Mexicans are quite happy with their culture, which is a unique mix of Hispanic, Native American and Anglo cultures (((Anglo is New Mexico-speak for everyone who is neither Hispanic nor Native American))) Some people say that New Mexico is neither Mexico nor the USA, which is confirmed by many tourists, including Americans, arriving here and wanting to change dollars for the local currency, or wondering how much international calls are to the States.

Maybe eventually New Tibet will emerge, a culture that might be neither the old Tibet nor the old China. It sure looks like that might be the best one can hope for at present.


Went back to the area I walked in last Tuesday.

Discovered quite the symphony going on between different species of birds and some frogs. From one particular spot I could hear water rushing left and right and a nice stereo image of the animals in between – perfectly arranged! Must go back and record

neo bohemia
Court nobles in China and Japan took great effort to perfume their robes and writing paper with incense. Not only to scent their surroundings, but to mark time. Incense measured out how much time had passed. Can you imagine marking time with scent?

I imagine someone staring at a stick of incense, smoke curling upward, waiting for three more sticks to burn before the time of the meeting came.

neo bohemia
The Romans used applied perfumed oils to their horses, dogs and were known to scent the wings of birds. In flight, their wings would fill the air with fragrance.

Releasing a basket full of scented doves to celebrate a birthday or wedding? What a moment to imagine.